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The Farmers

Wren Box Farm was established in 2018 by husband and wife team Mike and Megan Massoli.

With combined professional backgrounds in natural resource conservation and environmental geography, we set out to create a farm that works in synchrony with the natural environment. While many commercial agricultural operations work against natural systems, Wren Box Farm utilizes bio-intensive growing methods to produce high yields of vegetables on the minimum amount of land, decreasing our impact on the ecosystem. To do this, we create and encourage biodiversity on our farm by integrating native species habitat to attract pollinators and other beneficial insects that act as a form of natural pest control. We are working to maintain extremely high soil quality and fertility, focusing on soil biology to provide nutrients to our plants. Wren Box Farm is also dedicated to providing the highest quality produce that is always clean and natural by never using herbicides and having a strict non-GMO seed policy.

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